Boarding Kennels Near Great Yarmouth

Accommodation suitable for dogs large and small!

At Windmill Cottage Kennels, we want to make sure your dog is happy, safe and comfortable throughout their stay. As a family of dog lovers, with dog welfare and care at the centre of everything we do, we go above and beyond to make sure your dog has a happy stay at our boarding kennels near Great Yarmouth.

If you are looking for a place for your dog to stay, contact our helpful team on 01502 678172, or email, with your dog's requirements.

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Your Dog's Accommodation 

 Spacious Rooms

16 rooms of varying sizes, so large and small dogs, as well as small groups can be accommodated.

 Family Bookings

Rooms can be booked for family units, enabling dogs from the same household to stay together.

 Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

All rooms have an indoor and outdoor space, so the dogs can choose to be out or in, depending on the weather or their character.


All rooms have heaters fitted, so the kennels remain warm at night or during winter time.

 Fully Licensed

We are fully licensed for our boarding kennels near Great Yarmouth, and welcome annual inspections from the South Norfolk council. License number  AB60.



 What is provided

Dog Kennel in Haddiscoe and Norwich 

Dog Kennel in Haddiscoe and Norwich


 Daily walks 

These are vital for keeping your dog well exercised, and we will ensure that each dog receives the amount of walking needed to keep them fit.


As well as walks and exercise, your dog will have toys and items to play with throughout their stay.


We provide good quality food for all dogs at our boarding kennels near Great Yarmouth, and can cater to diets if needed.


All units have comfortable clean bedding so your dog can be cosy and comfortable as it sleeps.


All rooms are heated individually, so your dog will not be cold at night or in winter.

Insurance cover 

Our dog kennels are fully insured for your peace of mind.

Spacious accommodation 

Each unit is a spacious room, with an inside and outside area for your dog to play in or rest in as it prefers.

Personalised care 

Each dog's care is completely personalised, so they get exactly the food, care and exercise they need.


What is required

 Please have an up to date vaccination card.

Please inform us of any dietary requirements so these can be accommodated.

You are welcome and encouraged to bring along familiar toys or something with the owner's scent to help your dog feel at ease.